Jericho Wild Bald Eagle Mates

Now that low tide summer days are over, I am concentrating my attention on the bald eagles' nest at Locarno Park by the Jericho Youth Hostel in Vancouver. Sometimes I stand around the group of trees where the nest is for hours without seeing anything. Other times the eagles are so active I can't even capture it all with my camera.

Today I am able to get a few good shots. I step onto the soccer field across the street from the eagles' trees and immediately spot one of the mates, the male I think, coming in for a landing. I just barely have time to rip my camera from its case, pull off the lens cap and power it up to snap a shot.

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Wild Bald Eagles

I'm quite pleased with my split-second reflexes!

With such a good omen of timing, and the fact that the clear blue winter light is really good for the camera, I decide to hang around for a while. Despite the cold.

The bald eagles are quite busy, they appear to be working on building the nest. They are taking turns hanging out in the cottonwood trees across NW Marine Drive (where the nest used to be) and the group of trees above the Parks Board yard where the nest is now.

Wild Bald Eagles 46

The male eagle flies past with a rather large branch for the nest. The shape of the wing tips in mid flight looks kind of cool.

Wild Bald Eagles 47

Then the other mate flies past me quite close. The wings look almost purple in this light.

Wild Bald Eagles 48

Busy bald eagle lifts off from the top of a tree next to the nest tree.

Wild Bald Eagles 49

I follow the eagles across the street to the cottonwood trees. Luckily the trees are bare of leaves at this time of year so I am able to get some clear shots.

Kind of a weird angle swooping down from above, this shot is of the eagle's underbelly. It looks kind of in reverse the way the wing is bent.

Wild Bald Eagles 50

In the cottonwood trees, I think this is the female bald eagle mate. She has a rather cross look on her face as her glance passes over me!

Well, that's enough for today. It's been hours and I'm a bit frozen, the sun is going to start going down and I need a nice hot cup of tea to warm up. I will return another day soon to visit our local wild bald eagles nest.