Wild Bald Eagles Photos

In 2005 the wild bald eagle photography journey started. The collection includes eagles frolicking during low tide at Spanish Banks in Vancouver, the mates in and around their nest by the Jericho Youth Hostel and the eagle fledge at Jericho.

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There are also a few photos of Great Blue Heron fishing and even a series of shots of a baby seal that crawled up the beach to take a nap one hot summer afternoon! Enjoy the wide array of photos, plus the stories that go with them.

Celtic Artwork

Samples of ornamental pages from the Book of Kells, and illuminated manuscripts from the Bible.

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The art is hand-drawn ink work, with no retouching after being scanned.

Graphic Design

Small projects created entirely on the computer, each telling their own little story.

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Some images came to me in a dream. Others I like to call "word pictures".


Unique and original necklace designs.

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Most pieces are made using crystal glass beads from the Czech Republic.


Frequent updates on a wide variety of topics.

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Read about the creative process, and what goes into getting the eagle photos.