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The bald eagles' nest by the Jericho Youth Hostel in Vancouver is a constant source of wonder and delight for the entire neighbourhood. People can see down into the nest from their houses on the hill, and exchange stories of the mates' activities when out at the park.

Jericho Eagle Nest

Or, for those of you that prefer to see the street names . . .

Jericho Bald Eagles Nest

As you can see there are a few streets with homes scattered about, but the direct vicinity of the nest is mostly parkland. This pair of mates has been at this location at least five years, and is not in the least bit disturbed by traffic, soccer and baseball games in the field, or when the Vancouver Parks Board fires up the wood chipper at 6:00am.

About Our Archives

2008 marks the fourth year we have been engaged in the project of chronicling the local eagle population. Starting with a still camera, we graduated to the video camera in April of 2007.

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Jericho Eagle Mates Bald Eagle Fledging
Jericho Bald Eagle Mates Jericho Fledge 2005
Spanish Banks Eagles Juvenile Bald Eagles
Spanish Banks Bald Eagles Juvenile Bald Eagles


YouTube Link

Our first year with the digital camera is chronicled on our YouTube page HERE.