Wild Bald Eagle Drinking


Dec 2007 -- Jericho Park, Vancouver, BC Canada

We're told this happens quite often but we have not seen it ourselves until now. We staked out the wild bald eagles' nest at the Jericho Youth Hostel in Vancouver on a bright sunny winter day. The female is up at the top of the nest tree enjoying the sunshine and just kind of hanging out.

She flies off, we follow with the camera as usual. But instead of heading out to the ocean or to the duck pond she lands just across the street at the baseball field! We move the camera forward by increments, filming all the while, until we are just 20 meters away.

The bald eagle takes a few steps forward, moves a clump of grass and mud with her claw and proceeds to take a few healthy drinks from a puddle! Watch as the cascading water glistens off her beak while she swallows it back. Amazing.

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