Bald Eagle Juveniles at Jericho Park


July 2009 - Jericho Park, Vancouver, BC Canada

There is finally a chance to get down to the wild bald eagles' nest site at Jericho Park in Vancouver. We have reports from other nests that the eaglets have started flying, as we know that these eaglets hatched almost two weeks later we are trying to time our visit to coincide with first flight.

Upon arrival we realize that the nest has blown down!

wild bald eagle family

Eagles built onto the previous nest until it just collapses under its own weight, usually every three years. It can be tricky, if the nest collapses when the eaglets are still very young they can be taken right to the ground where they have very little chance of survival.

Luckily this happened when the eaglets were quite large and are able to hang on to bare branches. At one point in the video the two eaglets plus one of the adults are sitting nicely close together on various branches when the other adult comes in for a clumsy landing, almost clubbing it's mate in the head as it grasps for a spare branch!

Feeding is going to be interesting, with no nest to drop the fish into, the parents have had to pass food to the young, claw to claw. Often they seem to miss, as there is significantly more whole fish and entire bird wings littering the ground under the tree than there usually is. Also, if one of the parents is late with a meal, usually the young can pick over some discarded food in the nest.

We expect to see a lot of activity, a lot of groupings between the two eaglets and the parents at feeding time over the next several weeks.

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