Herring Gull with Crab

Juvenile Wild Bald Eagle

Juvenile Wild Bald Eagle


Just randomly one day I quickly snapped this as it flew past me along the beach. I was surprised because it was flying so low to the ground, and right on the edge of the shore rather than over the water.

Notice the big juicy crab in it's mouth!

I don't know what it is; not about to call it an eagle because it's carrying it's prey in it's mouth rather than in it's claws. And it's quite a bit smaller than the adult bald eagles.


*update* some nice person on Flickr has informed me that it is "a first year, Western Gull x Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid".


A couple of weeks later I awoke early to a bright sunny day so ran down to the beach at like 7:30am. There was lots of things going on with the wildlife, but I was distracted by my mystery bird again. It's sitting low in a tree right on the edge of the beach, a high traffic area actually because the path goes right below it.

As I stood with my camera the regular joggers and dog-walkers stopped to look. No one really knew what it was; the two most common guesses were hawk and juvenile Golden Eagle. We all agreed we hadn't seen it before.

I'm just surprised the adult Bald Eagles are allowing another predator to move in on their territory. (it also seems that the juvenile Bald Eagle has found a mate .. .more on that another day).




He's checking me out. I like these kinds of shots because it puts me into their world. As long as they just take me in and keep looking about. So far I haven't seen any of these dominant predators be truly distrubed by my attention.

In fact they just seem about as curious of me as I am of them!


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