Wild Bald Eagle Landing

Wild Bald Eagle Fly By

Wild Bald Eagle Staring Back at Me!

The only thing that had me excited this winter (apart from hockey being back on, haha) was the opportunity to learn something about the various moods of lighting. I really didn't end up getting too many shots, but those that I did manage to get were quite different from the summer ones.

What happens here is that the sun is so low that, instead of the underside of the eagles being just a silhouette, the various layers of feathers and all their colours are lit up.

I love this shot, the action of landing, the open claws, the colours of the tree. You can see by the paleness of the sky that the light is very weak.

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Another shot showing their feathers in detail. I like how you can see it's body here, a nice plump round strong bird.











This day was a challenge because it kept changing from foggy to clear. I have a lot of pics of them padding their nest.

One of them swooped down to the grounds of the community centre and snatched up an unlucky squirrel, ate it up, then gave me this withering look.

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