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In early July, after I spoke with the lifeguard then had the amazing experience of the eagle circling me, I started spending a little less time wandering the tidal flats and more time chronicling the eagle baby I found always near the nest.

He was easy to find because he called for food every 30 seconds or so; to the point that the people living in the area called him "Chirp".

The story is that the adult eagle mates have been nesting here for the past four years. They are successful at hatching babies, but not so good at building sturdy nests. That is, until now. I have been told that prior to 2005 their nests collapsed; once smashing the eggs and once with the chicks surviving.

This year, the young had a different challenge. The parents chose to build the nest not in the Fir trees between the park and the beach, but in the Cottonwood trees across the road at the West Point Grey Community Centre. (I've been told that a homeless fellow used to build a big bonfire in the trees and smoke their nest out every day but I'm not sure if I believe that. And it makes me VERY angry to hear so we shan't speak of it again.)

This baby boy had a sister, when they were about 10 weeks old they climbed out of the nest and were exercising their wings when the branch they were on broke. The girl fell to the ground and was hurt; the people living around called OWL who came immediately and took her away. It took the boy three days to climb back into the nest.

So he became an only child, and a spoiled one at that!

By the time I came upon him he must have been four months old . . . quite good at flying but completely useless in every other way (guard duty, feeding himself, etc.) Shamelessly he called for food so loudly and with such regularity you'd think he hadn't eaten for days & days. But I know for a fact that the parents took turns feeding him, so much so that his belly must have been full all the time. He did, however, grow a remarkable amount in the few weeks I was photographing him, so I guess he was hungry alot.


The first two pictures on this page are of the low trees right on the edge of the beach; it would be easy to climb to the branch he was on. I think I stood on a log or picnic table to get the really close-up shot.

The third pic is back in the grove of Fir trees where they used to nest (the 'lookout trees' I call it). One of the parents is feeding him; he sqwacked his head off the whole time. I went around to the other side to try to get a shot of him being fed but it was obstructed so you'll have to imagine he's lower down beside the parent having strips of fish pushed down his throat.



This isn't a very good shot -and rather blurry to boot- but it shows his colours when he was still quite young. I have some pics you will see later; the white fades dramatically and starts to make a distinctive pattern.






At this point he was just spending a lot of time flying from the nest to the edge of the beach. I don't remember ever seeing him actually IN the nest, just hanging around the group of Cottonwood trees.

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