Keta's Storybook!



She has an overwhelming loveliness, with a strength that can be matched by few others. She tolerates imperfection only to the degree that it is well-intentioned and causes harm to no one. She requires progress and learning from her companions, never mental stagnation and certainly never regression. Communication is key. Those in her company have to hear her clearly, and receive her messages in the manner which she intends. She can not abide the coarse, the selfish, the violent or the greedy.

Her existance is as enduring as the planet itself. As the world changes around her, as time stretches across the millenia, she remains true to herself and to her ideals.

There are few things as eternal as the earth upon which we walk. The stars in the sky perhaps, the air we breath, but little else. The impetus of humanity to take possession of the land, to conquer it, and to exploit it has lead to innumerable problems and personal tragedies. In our great push to claim entire land masses, in our desire to amass personal fortunes, often at the expense of others, we overlook the pure value of an unspoiled landscape. We disregard the spirit of the land, the mystical significance of a given location.